Tournus was created in 1910, and is the top French manufacturer of stainless steel equipment for professional kitchens and fishmonger sales counters. The size of the range and the volumes manufactured make the factory one of the biggest and most modern in Europe.

Tournus Equipement designs, manufactures and ships its own products. The fact of having all these steps on one and the same site makes communications easier, encourages a team spirit and keeps delivery lead times as short as possible.

  • With a rich catalogue including 3400 references for equipment for kitchens and the food trade, Tournus offers the opportunity of dealing with a single contact for orders for sets of stainless steel and self-service items.
  • Tournus Equipement products are designed for durable use under difficult conditions.
  • Very considerable industrial facilities are devoted to servicing the customers: 20,000m² factory premises totally under cover; 2,500 metric tons of metal processed each year; a high proportion of automated production.
  • Tournus Equipement is committed to guaranteeing quality deliveries: 98.5% service level in order to comply with lead times on installation sites; factory with ISO 9001 certification; 20,000 shipments each year; test assembly of self-service lines in the factory prior to shipment in order to ensure optimum conditions for installation on site.
  • A true promise of sustainable development for professionals, with 5 real actions which go further than the usual patter: 1) carbon footprint calculated for the factory (the only factory in the sector in France), 2) training for users of items using power, 3) recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), 4) production of "environmental" technical data sheets for all products in the catalogue, 5) use of a grade of stainless steel which results in lower greenhouse gas emissions.